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An illuminated writer is a publishing lightning rod.

Your manuscript is a book-in-waiting, but how do you advance from writer to published author? Traditional publishers guard their secrets closely, so where do you start? And how do you succeed as a self-published author?

Let Abbott Press clear the air and light the way. Publishing is as simple as doing everything you see here:


Obtain Library of Congress Control Number.
Design, print and distribute promotional materials.
Review manuscript for copyright issues.
Hire graphic designer for cover design.
Host book launch party.
Distribute press release to media outlets.
Offer sneak peeks and see-inside previews online.
Coordinate design of cover and interior.
Secure unique ISBN for your book.
Format manuscript.
Edit manuscript based on initial editorial comments.
Send manuscript to marketing professional for cover copy polish.
Host a website built by a web designer.
Hire a marketing copywriter to craft a press release.
Finalize book metadata.
Hire graphic designer for interior layout.
Meet with media for interviews.
Submit design files and metadata to printer.
Work with editor on detailed edit.
Post digital and print ads in high-profile publications.
Create publicity campaign with professional publicist.
Review printer copies.
Register book with U.S. Copyright Office.
Submit edited manuscript to editor.
Send copies to respected reviewers.
Set up booth at national book events.
Discuss film adaptation with Hollywood executives.
Final review of proofs.
Review digital proofs from designers.
Strategically focus on search engine optimization.
Finalize manuscript.
Secure an editor in the correct genre/field.
Engage audience with social media.
Send proof revisions to designers.
Shoot/edit/distribute book and author videos.
Travel on a book signing/reading tour.
Organize charts, illustrations, graphics and pictures.
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If this looks doable to you, go for it; we love to see authors succeed. But for professional support on your publishing pursuits, give the Abbott experts a call at (866) 697-5310 ext. 2, and we’ll get you started for up to 15% off.*

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