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See what authors have to say about self-publishing with Abbott Press. To learn more about whetherAbbott Press is right for you and your book, talk to a publishing consultant at 866.697.5310.

David Musole

David Musole |The Reyger Conspiracy

“I got excellent, unbelievable support. Thank you.”

Robin Tracy

Robin Tracy |Eyes Without A Face

“I am extremely impressed by the Abbott Press team. In fact, I will not likely query a traditional publisher for my next publisher. If the finished product is as professional as the Abbott staff (as I trust it will), I will submit Writing on the Wall when I have finished writing it.”
Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Stepanich |D is for Dysfunctional and Doo Wop

“I was impressed by the designers, especially the covers, as well as the book layout. There were such professional touches, such as the symbols to indicate time passage or change of point of view. Classy!”

Melissa Ross

Melissa Ross |Surviving Crazy

"I am very pleased with everything and am excited to be working with Abbott Press. Everyone that I have worked with so far has been very courteous, professional and excited for me about my venture. I have had a pleasant experience. Thank you!”

Toni Duckworth

Toni Duckworth |I Dated This Guy Once

“I think the cover designer nailed it! I love the design.”

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