About Us

You have a story. Let us help you polish it and share it.

Abbott Press was founded with the mission of helping writers get their literary vision into print, but we provide more than that. We're creating a community for writers like you – a place where you can not only get published but also improve your craft.

We know that what you write is more than important to you – it's your passion. As such, you’re very serious about publishing works of the highest literary quality. At Abbott Press, it’s important to us that you achieve that goal, whether your aim is to publish for the world at large or for more personal reasons.

As a writer, you have your own dreams, goals and ambitions – we appreciate that. You might simply want to publish for friends or family. Or perhaps you are looking to get published through more traditional channels. Whatever your objective, we can help you achieve it.

Whatever your level of writing experience, Abbott Press is designed to provide you with a trusted partner in your publishing adventure, whether it’s the realization of a long-awaited goal or the advancement of an already-successful career. You have a story. Let us help you share it.

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