“Cliff of the Ruin” the Fifth Title Awarded the Abbott Press “Mark of Quality” Distinction

Author Bonnie McKernan’s Fictional Account of a Woman’s Otherworldly Return to Ireland to Search for a Man She Doesn’t Remember Marrying

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – July 17, 2013 – Abbott Press, a division of Writer’s Digest, is pleased to announce “Cliff of the Ruin” by Bonnie McKernan is the fifth title awarded the prestigious “Mark of Quality” distinction. The Mark of Quality is reserved for books published through Abbott Press that come highly recommended for style and literary merit by Writer’s Digest reviewers and is a celebrated achievement in the writing community and provides many benefits.

As an MOQ-honored title, “Cliff of the Ruin” will be recognized in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest a publication depended upon since 1920 by writers striving to improve their craft. The book also will be listed in Writer’s Digest’s F&W Media Catalog, an industry wholesale catalog book retailers use to identify great new books. Additionally, authors receive a free pass to the annual Writer’s Digest conference and reception, where they will have the opportunity to network with other authors, agents and industry professionals.

In “Cliff of the Ruin,” Civil War hero and New York lawyer William Teague cannot tell artist Mae Kendrick he’s in love with her. First, she told him he was dull. Second, she is the niece of an important client. Third, she just hired him to find the man she doesn’t remember marrying. As Will manages this peculiar case, the search for Mae’s husband unveils a shocking discovery about her childhood, one that shifts the investigation to the place of her birth Ireland.

On the voyage overseas, circumstances become increasingly bizarre. Mae suffers ghostlike visions and further memory loss, and Will is seduced by a beautiful stranger who just might be trying to kill him. When Mae suddenly vanishes like her husband, Will is forced to enter “a thin place,” an ancient monastic ruin leading to Ireland’s Celtic otherworld, in what becomes a race against time to find her. But are Will’s war-honed instincts any match for the alluring forces of Irish legend? Can he distinguish friend from foe? Can he protect Mae from the apparitions of her past? And how far beyond the breaking point can his secret love be tested?

The book has received effusive praise, including Midwest Book Review which “very much recommended” the title. The Past in Review cautions readers of sleeplessness, stating “leave it in the hands of an accomplished writer and you are about to pull an all-nighter of a reading session.”

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