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Five Steps to Get Published

1. Set a Goal
When it comes to indie publishing, the best place to start is at the very end. Before you begin, consider what your main goals are for publishing with Abbott Press. Do you aspire to achieve commercial success? Or perhaps you want to supplement your speaking career or business ...


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Professional Publishing

We know your writing is important to you. We also know that when it comes to publishing, you only want the best for your writing. When you publish with Abbott Press, you can be certain that your writing is in good hands.



Abbott Press Book Marketing Guide

Abbott Press Book Marketing GuideIt started as a document in your computer and finally it became a published book. Its journey isn’t over. With the right kind of marketing and publicity, you have a better chance of getting copies in the hands and on the shelves of those who appreciate your talent.

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Marketing Services

If you want your book to be competitive in the marketplace, you must consider how you will market your book to a wider audience. A successful marketing plan is crucial to your success as an author. Our book marketing services allow you to stay in control of what happens with your book ...


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