Sometimes authors find elements of their book that they would like to change after it has been sent to the printer. These post-publishing changes will require different services in order to be carried out properly. 


Once you have received your first galley, it is possible that the number of author errors (usually more than 125 galley corrections) is such that it's best for you to supply us with a revised manuscript for the book designer to reformat into a new galley.


If you want to make changes to your title, it impacts many elements within the book and through the registration and marketing of the book.  This service is designed to make the process of changing the title as smooth as possible.

INDEXING (up to 500 words) │ INDEXING (up to 1,000 words) │ INDEXING (1,000+ words)

For complex nonfiction books, our layout services provide extensive indexing so your readers can find exactly what they are looking for.