Indie Publishing

Why Indie Publishing?

The power in the publishing industry is shifting from publisher to author – we’re in the midst of an indie revolution. But this revolution didn’t erupt overnight; it’s been transforming the face of publishing for quite some time.  Over the years, as technology changed and allowed people to produce music and film independently, authors wanted a piece of that pie too, and thus indie publishing, or self-publishing, was born. Finally authors could partner with others to write, design, publish and market their books away from the traditional routes. Self-publishing has taken tremendous strides since its inception, and today, it is a legitimate, authoritative way to bring a book to market.

While some authors choose to go it alone – completing, coordinating and researching every detailed aspect of the publishing process on their own – other authors turn to indie book publishing companies such as Abbott Press. By making an upfront investment to publish your book, you gain access to professional services, industry connections and the peace of mind that comes from not having to do everything yourself. Indie publishing may not be for everyone, but it can be an excellent fit for many authors looking to bring a book to market. We invite you to consider three reasons why self-publishing may be the best fit for you:


Self-publishing gives you the freedom to publish what you want on your schedule.  With self-publishing, you have the power to determine what you write about, how it is edited, all the design elements you want to include, and so much more. The freedom to publish just because you want to is non-existent in the traditional publishing world, but it is the cornerstone of indie publishing.

You stay in control

It may surprise you to learn that when you publish with Abbott Press, you retain all the rights to your book. Unlike a traditional publishing house, we do not buy the rights to your book from you, which means you are the one calling the shots when it comes to your book. Every detail of your book’s content, from front to back cover to everything in between, is yours. We strive to ensure that your book lives up to industry standards while not losing your unique voice. Additionally, you have the freedom to do with your book what your want after it’s published. For instance, if you market and sell your book and in turn get an offer from a traditional publisher, you have the ability to sign with them. After all, this is your book, your dream, and your vision. 

Fastest way to get your print-ready book to market

Getting a book published and ready for the world to read can take a long time, especially when you publish with a traditional publisher. Of course, first there’s the difficulty of getting accepted by a publisher, which can take months or years or may not happen at all. Then, if you are lucky enough to get picked up, there are many hoops to jump through, decisions that will be made for you and periods of uncertainty. That is not the case when you publish with Abbott Press. Not only do you remain in control of your book, but the timeline is much shorter – typically within a few months, not years – which means you will have your book in hand in less time.

Indie book publishing with Abbott Press gives you certain advantages traditional publishing simply cannot provide. If you’re ready to become a published author and see your book in print, we invite you to begin your journey today by speaking with one of our Publishing Specialists to learn more about our five publishing packages.