Five Steps to Get Published

Five Steps to Self Publishing with Abbott Press

1. Set a Goal

When it comes to self publishing, the best place to start is at the very end. Before you begin, consider what your main goals are for publishing with Abbott Press. Do you aspire to achieve commercial success? Or perhaps you want to supplement your speaking career or business. Or you may have the simple goal of finally seeing your name in print. With indie publishing, you are the one with the power to set the course you want to follow.

Picking your ultimate goal before you start will not only help keep you focused, it will help determine the right publishing package and services to help you reach that goal. Marketing your book doesn’t just start after your book is published – you have to start at the beginning. By understanding your goals, you can begin your publishing journey headed in the right direction.

2. Choose a Package

Determining your goals from the beginning not only helps you stay focused throughout the publishing process and also helps you choose the right publishing package for your goals. Our publishing packages are designed to meet the publishing needs of many different authors. We give you the freedom to choose a package with services that are most important to you and will help you reach your unique publishing goals.

You can rely on your Abbott Press publishing specialist to help you select the package that will best help you reach your goals for your book. In addition to our packages, your personal publishing specialist can help you select additional marketing, editing and design services from our services store so your book receives the polish it deserves. Whenever you select and purchase the publishing package that is right for you, you are ready to take the next step.

3. Put Your Best Work Forward

It can be scary to put your work out there for the world to see. But with Abbott Press, we’ll help you every step of the way to put your best work forward. Once you’ve purchased a publishing package, it’s time to submit your manuscript and other materials for your book. You will have the personal assistance of a check-in coordinator who will help you through the submission process. Your check-in coordinator will work with you to ensure that the details of your submitted materials are in order and ready for the book production process.

4. Keep Control

One of the most powerful things about self-publishing is that you are in charge. Each person you will work with at Abbott Press will take his or her direction from you regarding the details of your book. Once you’re ready for the book production process, we’ll create your book’s interior and cover and send you electronic proofs for your review and approval. We strive to ensure that your distinct voice comes through and that you receive a book that fills you with pride. You can take advantage of our expertise and experience to meet industry standards while staying in control each step of the way.

5. Publish and Promote Your Book

Your book is published! When you reach this step, take a moment to enjoy the feelings that come with being a published author. As always, we will be here to help you through the final steps. Once you’ve approved your book for publication, we’ll send it to our printer and distributor, making your book available for purchase on a multitude of major retail sites, such as We’ll send you the first printed copy of your book to hold in your hands. When it is time to promote and sell your book, Abbott Press offers many marketing and promotional services that can help you.

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